SACHA | Organic cotton foldable bag

Cookut launches the first ZERO WASTE product line
Sustainability is an essential part of Cookut creative process.
Each year, 4 billion toothbrushes and many more plastic cutlery are thrown around the world. These products are not recycled and take 200 years to decompose. Much of them are found in the ocean, causing the death of marine species.

That’s why we want to create sustainable products to replace everyday disposable utensils and thus make a step towards a healthier planet.


Very practical reusable bag

Sacha reusable bag is a net bag made of organic cotton to carry any kind of goods when you go shopping.

When you don’t use it, you can fold it easily in the inner pocket to put it in your bag. It doesn’t take any space!

The handles exist in 3 colours: blue, red and brown.

You won’t be able to do without it any more!


Stop disposal and plastic bags!

Sacha est reusable, washable and recyclable.

It stylishly replaces ugly plastic bags.

No risk of forgetting it! Once it is folded you can carry it with you wherever you go!

  • Informations produit

    • Price: 11,00€
    • Material: 100% coton
    • Packaging: cotton pocket sewn on the bag
    • Included: 1 cotton net bag
    • Dimensions (cm): folded bag 10 x 8 x 4
    • Care: washing machine safe
    • Properties: carry up to 10 Kg

Blue cotton foldable bag

    • Sku: SACHABC

Red cotton foldable bag

    • Sku: SACHARG

Brown cotton foldable bag

    • Sku: SACHANO

Zero waste