KYOTO BLACK | Ceramique knives

Cookut knives, which are made from a high-quality zirconium oxide, are outstanding cutting tools recommended both by professional chefs and by those who love cooking. The high-technology ceramic used, which is almost as hard as diamond, allows blades with an outstanding cutting edge to be produced. You would not want to do without these knives, and their incomparable characteristics:
– The blade has an extreme cutting edge, and remains sharp for much longer than a steel blade
– Ceramic is a healthy and stable material: the blade does not oxidise, and food retains its full flavour
– This knives weights half of a traditional model, and is pleasant to use with its ergonomic handle
– Its modern and elegant design completes its impressive effectiveness


3 sizes
Depending on your needs, you can choose your blade knife size between three dimensions: 8, 12 and 18 cm. Each knife is composed of an ergonomic silicone handle.


Warranty against breakage
The Kyoto knifes are the only ones in the world to offer a warranty against beakage! Made of the best quality of zirconium oxide, they will seduce amateur and professional cooks.

  • Product informations

    • Materials: zirconium oxide blade, ABS and silicone handle
    • Packaging: Wood box
    • Care: Do not use dishwasher

Paring knife 8 cm

    • Price: 39.00 €
    • Total lenght (cm) : 18
    • Sku: KY08NO

Chef knife 13 cm

    • Price: 49.00 €
    • Total lenght (cm) : 24
    • Sku: KY13NO

Chef knife 18 cm

    • Price: 79.00 €
    • Total lenght (cm) : 30
    • Sku: KY18NO