The chefs’ recipe!
Try the new way of easily preparing a tasteful fat-free foie gras with chefs’ method.


Quick cooking!
Your foie gras is cooked in slices which is faster and easier to control. You just have to ckeck your foie gras to choose the cooking conditions: semi-cooked or regular cooking. You don’t need the thermometer usually used for traditional terrine cooking. With this cooker, your low-fat foie gras is cooked in 15 minutes in an oven!


The clay plate has holes that allow 90% yellow fat to be separated during cooking. Indeed, foie-gras is not cooked in its fat. It’s perfect for a beautiful and low-fat foie gras!


Very easy to use
Cut your raw foie gras in slices and cook them on the cooker (15 minutes in the oven or 3 minutes in the microwave). Then, make the terrine and store it in the fridge. Time to enjoy it!


Creative recipes
When you prepare your foie gras after cooking, you can use any kind of mould and add ingredients you choose according to your tastes (pear, fig..).

  • Informations produit

    • Price: 34.90 €
    • Material: Red clay
    • Packaging: Recycled carton gift box
    • Usage: Oven or micro-wave
    • Dimensions (cm): 28x28x3
    • Care: Dishwasher safe
    • Sku: CFG