DIEGO | Juicer

Really cool juicer!
This juicer has a double-side shape which is perfect for all kinds of fruits you need to press. Thiner for lemon and wider for oranges. Moreover, you can keep it outside to decorate like a little cute cactus!


3 positions
Diego is composed of two parts: a juice extractor with one side for lemon and one side for oranges and a black pot to save the juice. Then, you can use the juicer directly in the pot as the juice extractor fits the pot) or outside the pot depending on your needs. It’s perfect for adding quickly a few drops of lemon in a sauce or in a recipe!

Works with any kind of fruits

  • Product informations

    • Price: 13.90 €
    • Material: PP without BPA
    • Included: 1 Juice extractor and 1 juice cup
    • Dimensions (cm): 11×9
    • Care: Dishwasher safe

Green juicer

    • Sku: DIEGVE

Grey juicer

    • Sku: DIEGTA