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This kit contains:

– A crepe pen to draw in the pan (with chocolate crepe dough)
– The famous MIAM crepe shaker (see benefits below)

With the crepe pen filled with dough and chocolate powder, draw directly on the pan and then make a pancake on top of it. Once returned, you get a totally original crepe with a “printed” design!


Very easy to use!
No need for recipes, mixer, whisk, measuring cups, bowl or ladle. You just have to follow the measurements indicated on the 27 fl oz glass shaker adding milk, flour (gluten free or not) and eggs. Then, shake it a few seconds. It’s ready! Pour directly into the hot pan.
This shaker is also very useful to store the pancake dough in the fridge door in order to re-use it the day after.


No more lumps
The Miam shaker is made up of a stainless steel helix to get a perfectly mixed dough without any lumps and an additional no-lump grid that is added when pouring the dough in the pan. Ideal to always get perfect pancakes!


Crêpes, pancakes or waffles
You can also make waffles and pancake with the recipe jar.


No mess
By pouring the pancake dough directly into the pan, you avoid the usual dirt due to the ladle that overflows when moving between the bowl and the pan.


A French bestseller
The Miam shaker was designed by Cookut in France and quickly became a bestseller in the whole world.

  • Informations produit

    • Price: 24.90 €
    • Materials: glass, stainless steel helix/grid, lid in PP without PFOA/BPA
    • Packaging : Recycled carton gift box
    • Included: a graduated glass jar with a lid and spout, a no-lump grid, a no-lump metal helix, a crepe pen
    • Dimensions (cm): 9x9x22
    • Care: Dishwasher safe
    • Sku: MIAMCC


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