COFI | Organic cotton washable coffee filters

Untreated cotton washable coffee filters


Cookut launches the first ZERO WASTE product line
Sustainability is an essential part of Cookut creative process.
Each year, 4 billion toothbrushes and many more plastic cutlery are thrown around the world. These products are not recycled and take 200 years to decompose. Much of them are found in the ocean, causing the death of marine species.

That’s why we want to create sustainable products to replace everyday disposable utensils and thus make a step towards a healthier planet.


Thank you for doing something for the planet!

This filter is made of untreated, undyed, unbleached cotton. It is size 4 and can be used in most filter coffeemakers.


The Cookut washable coffee filter can be used in the same way as a classic coffee filter:

  • Place the filter in your coffeemaker and add the ground coffee
  • Make your coffee in the usual way
  • Remove the coffee grounds
  • Rinse the filter under clear water, with a little soap from time to time
  • Let it air dry

You can reuse the filter while it is still damp.
It is quite normal for the filter to become stained by coffee and does not affect its efficiency. On average, you can use it for one year.


You don’t have to throw your coffee grounds away! Here’s what you can use them for:

  • To deodorize the fridge (in a cup)
  • To scrub dishes when washing up
  • To keep pests away in the garden
  • To clean your hands after chopping garlic
  • To feed plants
  • To enrich garden compost
  • To unblock drains (coffee grounds + boiling water)
  • To make natural paint (coffee grounds + water)
  • Product informations

    • Price: 9,90€
    • Material: 100% cotton
    • Packaging: Recycled cardboard sleeve
    • Included: 2 organic cotton washable coffee filters
    • Dimensions unit (cm): 16,5 x 12 x 0,1 – size 4 (compatible with most filter coffee makers)
    • Care: Hand-wash under clear water, with a little soap from time to time
    • Properties: Reusable for one year on average
    • SKU: COFI

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