Cookat | Mold for dry cat kibbles

Your cat deserves to eat well too!
Your cat’s diet plays an important part in its well-being, overall balance, and health. Preparing your cat’s food isn’t pointless, it is a way of taking good care of it!


A Recipe Guide included
The enclosed Recipe Guide will allow you to cook hundreds of different kibble recipes for you cat with fish, meat, vegetables, rice, eggs, and more… Chicken kibble and seasonal vegetables, sushi kibble, liver soufflé with carrots…
Each cat has its own food preferences and habits. Have fun trying to find your cat’s favorite recipe!


Kibble for several days in 20 minutes!
Prepare your recipes easily and quickly and give your cat a variety of dishes. You just need to mix the ingredients, pour the resulting mixture in the mold with a spatula and put the mold in the oven for 20 minutes!


    • Price: 22.90 €
    • Materials: Silicone, metal
    • Packaging: Metal box
    • Included: 1 mold for 800 kibble, 1 recipe guide, 1 metal box for storage
    • Unit dimensions (cm) : 21x9x9
    • Care: The mold is dishwasher safe (for the mold)
    • Sku: COOKAT


Food preparation