Cookut’s creed is simple: making homemade food is good for you, good for your community, and also good for the planet.

Cooking at home means saying no to the excesses of the agri-food industry by selecting healthy, natural, seasonal ingredients from sustainable agricultural sources. Cooking is also a way to take pleasure in pleasing others, and pass on traditions. Cooking is taking truly meaningful action for your health, our society and the planet.


That’s why Cookut’s mission is to inspire as many people as possible to rediscover the pleasure of «cooking at home» by creating efficient, fun, and environmentally-friendly utensils.

We do our best to further this goal every day by respecting our values of transparency and social responsibility while working in a relaxed atmosphere.


To change the world, cook at home!



    The simplest utensils are best!


    Cooking has to be fun, imaginative, exciting and satisfying


    Preserving nature also protects our food


    Doing good both here and there by offering products that are accessible to everyone in a responsible, transparent manner.


The simplest utensils are best

Frugal Innovation
Cookut has chosen to apply the principles of frugal innovation, which means filling each need in the simplest, most efficient manner possible, using a minimum of resources. Cookut designs products that are efficient, manual and durable, emphasizing the fun of «hands-on» cooking.

We believe that it’s possible to use simple utensils to make cooking easier. They can help us rediscover basic but often-forgotten techniques that we can use to get the right results quickly and easily.

That often means we can skip the robots and other complicated equipment and simply cook, without all the fuss.


The basic design of Cookut products, with no electricity or electronics, enhances the best techniques while limiting the amount of resources used.
Our culinary design center in Lyon is organized around a kitchen in which, every day, we design, test and improve our products. It makes for plenty of opportunities to enjoy tasty new recipes!


Cookut makes cooking fun, imaginative, exciting and satisfying.

We think that the fun of cooking is putting enjoyment first, and technique second.

Making something yourself, by hand, quickly and easily, is a wonderful experience that puts you in direct contact with ingredients and flavors.


Hands-on cooking allows us to express our creativity, feel a sense of pride in a job well done, and experience a moment of sharing with friends or family.


Preserving nature also protects our food

Nature and sustainable agriculture provide us with food that is healthy,
varied and delicious.
The excesses of the agri-food industry threaten both the protection of our environment and the quality of our food.

Cookut actively reduces its environmental footprint by choosing natural, recyclable materials like glass, metal and wood to create durable products that use no electricity. All of our packaging is made from recycled cardboard.


Cookut has also joined the fight to save the bees, the plant kingdom’s essential pollinators, by providing financial support to beekeepers throughout France.

Every year, Cookut’s hives welcome over 500,000 bees.


Doing good both here and there

Our goal is to offer products that are accessible to everyone in a responsible, transparent manner. We made the clear, conscious choice to do good both here and there by:
• Founding our own company in China to guarantee ethical production.
• Distributing our products in partnership with thousands of independent retailers, to support local businesses both in France and around the world.


How do we produce reasonably-priced products while still respecting ethical values?
We decided to found our own company in China. and recruited an incredible team that we are proud of. We created partnerships with various workshops whose ethical methods and working conditions are well known to us.

It’s gratifying to see the positive impact of our production on the lives of the people working in our partner workshops.

Our products are shipped by sea with minimal environmental impact.


How can we energize local business?
In order to support regional economic activity, Cookut has chosen to distribute its products primarily through independent retailers. Every day we defend independent retailers from the retail and Internet giants.

We believe in the social and economic role played by Main Street businesses. To galvanize that role, Cookut has become the founder and leader of «We Are Stores,» the first retail community to foster professional exchanges, trainings, anticipation of market trends and business development.